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The Real Truth About Reading Fluency...


These 5 days of fluency lessons will help you tie reading fluency directly into reading comprehension, and give you all the tools needed for reteaching, independent practice, differentiating, and assessing!

Everything You Need

The week of fluency lessons includes EVERYTHING you need for whole group and small group instruction.   Each day includes: A complete lesson for the teacher; students note-taking pages; independent practice pages; and small group reteaching.  A assessments and brag tags are also included.


Students will receive direct instruction (in whole group or small) and then immediately apply the fluency skills into the books they are reading independently.  It's the perfect way to teach grade-level standards, while differentiating during independent practice.

Improve Student Reading Rates

When students receive direct instruction and modeling on what it means to read with a good rate, both in silent and oral reading, they will improve their reading fluency abilities.  This will then in turn improve their reading comprehension!

The Fluency and Comprehension Connection

When students are struggling with FLUENCY, it means they are really struggling with COMPREHENSION!!!  These fluency lessons offer direct instruction on rate, with the understanding that students are really struggling with comprehending the text
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