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DIGITAL and PRINTABLE Versions Available!

Digital Completely Ready for Students!

Including colored text boxes, circles for multiple choice to drag, and text boxes for all writing elements.

Printable Versions are Also Included

Create student workbooks to use at home or school. 

These 5 days of morning work activities will help students review their reading comprehension skills while getting them ready for the day!

Everything You Need

The week of morning work includes EVERYTHING you need to prepare.   It even includes a digital, Google classroom ready version for a print-free option!


The morning work stories are designed for students to read independently and review a specific comprehension skill.  The morning work should take between 5-10 minutes to complete.

Get Started Right Away

Students will be on task and focused right when they enter the room every morning.  Kids thrive on routine.  Having the morning work on the desk, ready to go every morning will be an excellent way to get them reading and thinking without wasting any time.

Multiple Uses!

Use the morning work in a variety of ways, including: bell work; as a warm-up to reading workshop; as exit slips; in literacy centers; as a guided reading warm-up; or as homework.
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