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one guided reading lesson for all 26 reading levels!  Included in every lesson are 'I Can' table cards, graphic organizers, questions for the teacher, and objective statements.  
This FREE sample of Guided Reading resources will give you everything you need to complete one Guided Reading lesson in all 26 levels from A-Z.  That's 83 Pages of Free Support!

Just Add the Text!

Choose a leveled text or passage for each group and use the lessons provided for your entire Guided Reading group time.

Discussion Questions

Each lesson includes an 'I Can' table card with 4 questions for the teacher to ask the group.  Enjoy open-ended questions, along with specific questions focused on reading objectives appropriate for each intructional level.

Save Time

Follow the same Guided Reading framework with each group, all the way from level A to Z.  Streamline your Guided Reading Lessons and save time planning for your groups!

Assess Student Understanding

Use the graphic organizers provided for each lesson to assess whether students mastered the teaching objectives as they read independently after the Guided Reading group time.

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