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What is Included:

  • Reading: 3 weeks of reading comprehension and writing work.
  • Writing: Writing activities to maintain writing stamina at home
  • Language: 3 weeks of phonics work
  • ​Vocabulary: 3 weeks of direct vocabulary practice
  • A daily scheduling guide for at-home learning
  • ​Answer Keys
  • ​Google Classroom Digital Version

Something to Consider:

  • * The average classroom has students that are reading at 5 different grade levels.
  • * Consider sending home the literacy workbook that meets each individual student at his/her level, regardless of the grade they are in.
  • * For example, if you are teaching 5th grade and have a group of students reading at a 2nd-grade level, send them home with the basic workbook.
  • * We do NOT want our students to go home with work that is frustrational for them.  We want them to maintain their reading progress without feeling overwhelmed.  We want them successful at home.

  • I hope this helps alleviate some of the stress that may have come during this time.  
  •  Come hang out with me at Out of This World Literacy™️ for more!

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