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"It is definitely worth the price because of all of the wonderful graphic organizers and accompanying questions that come with it. I love that the I can statements are already written on the graphic organizer for me. These graphic organizers really help engage my students and support their understanding of our learning target for the week."

Megan F.
"This has improved my practice! So easy to collect data with the standards listed beside each question. I use the passages for close reading and use guided reading prompts as scholars read the text aloud! Its a WONDERFUL resource. Thank you!"

Lena H.
"This resource is a life saver! I am new to upper elementary guided reading, so this has been my life line. Thank you!!!”

TyLee H.
"This is such an awesome resource! One of my favorite purchases from TPT. I Love how I can see the progression of learning for each level and it's connected to common core standards. LOVE it! It's so clear and easy to follow. Thanks so much for your hard work! Can't say enough about this product. Thank you!"

Shellye M.
"This resource takes the guess work out of planning for guided reading! This is an amazing time saving resource. Every thing you get is this bundle is fantastic. This product has helped me to plan for guided reading independently without having to compete for the limited resources that the entire schools shares. Thank you for making a product that makes planning for advanced readers so much easier."

One Urban Teacher
Cover fiction, nonfiction, and word work teaching objectives for EVERY level A-Z in guided reading. Over 30 teaching objectives for EACH level!
Teach in a systematic framework with all of your guided reading groups. Follow the same structure of teaching from A-Z!
Save time searching for the best skills to teach in each guided reading group. Streamline your planning and be prepared for every lesson!
30+ Teaching Objectives for EVERY Guided Reading Level! 
Join the 1,000's educators who already use the Guided Reading Curriculum.

1. A detailed description of each of the steps in a guided reading lesson.

2. A reproducible lesson plan form for guided reading.

3. A list of objectives students should be able to complete independently at each level (this is a good list to consider when deciding if a student should move from a level to the next).

4. 36-40 reading comprehension (fiction and nonfiction) and word work objectives that are appropriate for each specific reading level.

5. Objective lists for fiction and nonfiction texts.

6. “I Can” statements for each objective.
***** Every Reading Informational, Reading Literature, and Reading Foundational standard is linked to more than one objective.

7. 3-4 Suggested question prompts for each objective.

8. A Printable graphic organizer for EVERY objective, perfect for independent practice and assessment.

9. Guided reading table cards with ‘I Can…’ statements, CCSS, and prompting questions in both color and black and white.
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